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Repair Services

Serving The Meat Packing And Other Industries

Since 1967

Die Coating Of  M&H & Curwood Dies

Silicone Sealing Gaskets

Linking Chains








Mahaffy&Harder  - Curwood  -  Frank and Lunchmeat Dies
Cracked Die Weld&Machine & Straighten  
Broken Out Sides Weld In Plate  
Damage Under Bead Weld&Machine  
Twisted Or Bent Die Heat To Straighten  
Ball lock Holes Weld&Machine Oversize or Cracked  
Center Vacuum Holes Weld&Machine Damaged Retainer Groove  
Dies Worn Through Bottom Weld & Machine & Straighten  
Bushing Holes Weld & Machine for Bushing  
Bushing Replacement Standard  
Bushing Replacement Oversized and Threaded  
Guide Bar Hole Threaded Inserts 1/4-20 & 10-24  
Guide Bar Hole Weld & Machine Broken Out Hole  
Seal Body Retainer Threaded Inserts, 10-24  
Broken Screw Remove Only  
Broken Screw Remove & Install Insert  
Insert FL-120 Pathfinder Dies 4-40  
Burn Out Broken Tap or Easy Out  
Secure Divider Convert 6-14 Convertible to Standard  

6-12, 6-16 and 6-18 Bacon Dies

Guide Pin Replace  
Guide Pin Plug, Weld & Machine  
Clamp Bore (Hole) Install Stainless Steel Sleeve  
Poppet Assy. Hole (Lifter) Install Stainless Steel Sleeve                       
Eroded Surface (Poppet) Weld in Top Plate & Machine  
Insert 6-32 Filler Retainer  
Cracked Die Corner, Bottom or Side  
Weld & Machine Top Complete Top Surface to OEM  
Repair Peelable Corner Weld & Machine or Replace Insert  
Install Peelable Corner Convert Die To Peelable  
Weld Corners Damaged or Worn, (2) Ends  
Stretched Die Face Ends  

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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